About Us




Welder Nation was created because we love this way of life and we know you all that are a part of this community love this way of life as well! We here at WN believe that giving back to our communities is not only important but essential. To be able to provide kick ass welding apparel as well as give back to people in need is what Welder Nation is all about. As a company and more importantly as a community we have contributed often to Cancer research with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital as well as Stollery Children’s Hospital. A couple new initiatives include ALS and the Veterans Welding Training Program by Wounded Warriors Family Support.



Welder Nation is an online community for welders. We’re not about being politically correct or providing you with coma inducing textbook training; we’re about the day to day grind and how you weld in the real world! Welder Nation is for all you out there who bust your ass all day and sometimes all night just to get a job done right and for those of you who aren’t afraid to get your HANDS DIRTY!

WN started with just a couple of guys who wanted to shine a spotlight on the creative and insanely talented side of the welding community. We started with a Facebook page in 2014 with literally a handful of likes and thanks to your incredible support it has blown up from there. 



We often get asked…. “What exactly does We Are The 0.1% mean?” This movement has grown because you all are extremely proud of your profession and realize the talent involved in succeeding in this industry. Being a part of the 0.1% is to be part of only 0.1% of people around North America who are skilled enough to weld for a living! To put food on your family’s table!! To put a roof over your children’s heads!! Now that is bad ass and a pretty damn exclusive club!