Where's My Order?

Did you get an email with your tracking info?

  • Yes? Check that on your email
  • No? It hasn't been shipped yet. Please be patient, I promise we don't screw people over and not ship your order! We ALWAYS ship, just sometimes shit happens and some products take longer. Love you!

"Tracking isn't updating!"

  • Be patient, we're in the middle of the world ending, if Amazon Prime takes over a week then don't expect us to be half as fast. We can't afford robots to pack our stuff.......yet...... 

Call USPS, Canada Post or FedEx to get updates

  • Unfortunately once the order is out our door it is in their hands, you have to follow through with them, which I know sucks but that's where things are at during the end of the world.

Any questions? (Besides, where's my order?)

Finally, don't email with a shitty attitude as we have instructed our staff that if they are disrespected they can give it right back! We are very sorry USPS and Canada Post are backed up right now but that is no reason to treat our amazing staff like crap. We do not stand for that shit! Thank you and we love you so much!! We greatly appreciate the support and love you have shown us over the years!!