One Nation (Flip Lens)

This is our One Nation Hydro-Dipped Honeywell Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmet. 

It has been professionally hydro dipped using the One Nation pattern. After drying to completion it is then coated FOUR TIMES with a very high quality UV/Scratch resistant matte clear coat. This baby will last in the elements for years to come, we wouldn't do it any other way. 

Tigerhood Classic’s unique welding helmet design provides extended throat protection while blocking fumes and smoke from the face. Molded-in colors eliminate chipping, peeling, and fading. Smooth, seamless shell deflects sparks and spatter reducing the risk of burn through.

This lightweight Tigerhood Classic Thermoplastic Welding Helmet includes all the features popular in today’s modern welding environments. Molded from Noryl for high heat resistance, the smooth, seamless shell is specially designed to shed sparks and spatter that might present a burn-through risk. The safety-first design extends downward to protect the throat, and combines a straight & curved front to block fumes and smoke. Welding equipment needs to be tough, and the Tigerhood Classic doesn't disappoint. The color is molded in to eliminate any chance of fading, peeling or chipping. And the silver coating exceeds industry standards for abrasion and weathering. Suitable for most overhead welding applications, the Tigerhood Classic also delivers superior vision. The molded-in glass holder features a unique, lift-up telescoping lid which also provides a seal against light-leak. The helmet interior is also roomy enough to comfortably accommodate protective spectacles or respirators. A shade 10 welding lens is included. The strip-proof, ratchet-style 3-C headgear features free-floating arms that balance and stabilize the welding helmet for maximum comfort. Multiple adjustment settings ensure a custom fit and optimal glassholder positioning. Meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards.

  • 1.85 lbs
  • 14 x 10 x 9 inches
  • 3-C Headgear Included